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SHAPE CONTOUR TOOL >> Replicate Shapes to Draw and Trace the Contours to Match the Obstacle you're needing to conform to. This Contour Conform Shape Tool allows you to Easily judge the Shape you need to cut for Tiles, Floor Boards, Wood, metal, Plastic
SHAPE CONTOUR TOOL >> AUSTRALIA Match the Shape, Contour and Design Drawing of any Object to Cut around and Match Shape to

Shape Contour Matching Tool
for DIY and Trade Professionals

Matches the Shape of Contour Perfectly !!

Quicker, Easier, Safer than hand Drawing

No Wastage, Makes life Easy!
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Introducing the Most Simple Shape Tracing and Contour Drawing Tool - Ever !
This is an Absolutely Fantastic Product for anyone in the Building or Crafting Industry

It's So SIMPLE + EASY TO USE .. and Time-Saving !

This great Shape Matching Contour tool allows you to Replicate Shapes and contours to make it easier to cut and shape Floor Tiles, Wooden Floor Boards, Wall Tiles, Craft and Artworks, Wood Working, Metal Works and anything Building, Craft or Trade Related.
Whether you're just the regular home DIY Handyman, or Professional fully equipped Tradie, everyone and anyone can benefit greatly from this tool. It's so Simple to Use and Replicates the Shape Perfectly so you can just trace it onto the Tile, Wood, Metal, Plastic, Cardboard or whatever material you're working with to cut the exact shape it needs to fit into a space with obstacles to contour match.

... " This makes Crafting and Cutting Material into Shapes to fit contours so much easier !! "

Use it once and you will never go back to struggling with other methods and hand drawn sketches or guessing shapes and cuts to make again. No more wasting material getting the shape and contours wrong by other inaccurate methods. This Contour, Shape, Tracing and Replicating tool works easily, First Time, Every Time and anytime there-after. It's so Simple and Easy to use, it's Genius ! .

It's a wonder no one thought of this sooner! What a Great, Time Saving Idea !

Take the guess work out of trying to Draw the Shape to Cut your Tiles, Wooden Floor boards, Vinyl Plastics and other materials into shapes to fit around skirting boards, door frames, bathroom pipes and plumbing fixtures and any other obstacle that needs to be shape matched to your installation or craft. Just simply press the tool to match the shape of what you're wanting to trace or cut and transfer this shape onto the material you're cutting.

This Innovative Tool will make your DIY Home-Building, Craft and Workshop creations so much easier. Available in 2 Sizes Small (10cm) , Medium (25cm) and Large (30cm) to match the size of your project's requirements.
Please select carefully the one you need.

Simply Push the Contouring Tool into the Shape you're needing to cut and Trace onto the Material you're working with. Draw the shape to Replicate then Cut .. Easy !

1 x Shape Replicating Contour Tool .. works in Under 5 Seconds !!

"You will never have to try guess-match a Shape again .. this makes it Easy and Perfect"
  • This great new Contour Shape Matching tool allows you to Trace Shapes "Quicker, Easier and Safer" ..

    With more accuracy than trying to Guess the Shape yourself. Saves having to try sketch and guess the shape needed to conform around an obstacle such as plumbing pipe, skirting board, door frame or any shape may be.

    Whether you're working with Floor or Wall Tiles, Timber Flooring, Metal, Wood Works, Plastic or even Cardboard, this Shape Conforming and Contouring Tool allows you to easily get a Replication of the EXACT Shape you need to Draw or Trace onto the material you're needing to cut, to match the contour needing to conform to.

    This Innovative Easy Shape Conforming Tool allows you to Sketch Shapes Quickly, Easily and without fuss ..

    The Best part is the Shape will turn out PERFECT Every time because the shape-match is replicated exactly from what it is you're needing to cut. This makes like in Wood working, Metal Working and Tiling soo much Easier !

    This Tool is designed to take the hassle and guess work out of Shape-Matching your Contour Cuts.

    Simply push the Contour Tool into the space you're needing to Shape-Match and that's it you're done!

    Trace or Draw this onto the material you're working with ... in Under 20 Seconds !!